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The parasitic copepod Neoergasilus japonicus, native to eastern Asia, was first collected from 4 species of fish (fathead minnow, Pimephales promelas; largemouth bass, Micropterus salmoides;Expand
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Lake Trout Rehabilitation in Lake Huron
Efforts to restore lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) in Lake Huron after their collapse in the 1940s were underway in the early 1970s with completion of the first round oflampricide applications inExpand
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Vateritic Sagitta in Wild and Stocked Lake Trout: Applicability to Stock Origin
Abstract Aragonite is the normal form of calcium carbonate found in teleost otoliths, but it is sometimes replaced by vaterite, an alternate crystalline structure. We investigated the assumption thatExpand
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Predation on Lake Trout Eggs and Fry: a Modeling Approach
A general model was developed to examine the effects of multiple predators on survival of eggs and fry of lake trout, Salvelinus namaycush, associated with spawning reefs. Three kinds of predationExpand
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Status of Lake Trout Rehabilitation on Six Fathom Bank and Yankee Reef in Lake Huron
Abstract Six Fathom Bank, an offshore reef in the central region of Lake Huron's main basin, was stocked annually with hatchery-reared lake trout Salvelinus namaycush during 1985–1998, and nearbyExpand
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Toxicity of 16 granular insecticides to wild-caught songbirds
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Effects on Wildlife of At-Planting Corn Applications of Granular Carbofuran
Application, at planting, of a granular formulation of the insecticide carbofuran to 195 ha of corn resulted in wildlife mortalities in Frederick County, Maryland, in April and May 1980. SystematicExpand
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Acute and sublethal effects of 1080 on starlings
Etude des effets toxiques aigus a court terme et subaigus a long terme du compose 1080 administre par voie orale a des etourneaux, avec etude particuliere de la morphologie du testicule
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Parasites of Burbot, Lota lota, from Lake Huron, Michigan, U.S.A., with a Checklist of the North American Parasites of Burbot
Abstract Forty-five adult burbot, Lota lota, collected in July 1998 from Six Fathom Bank (Six Fathom Bank Lake Trout Refuge) and Yankee Reef in Lake Huron, Michigan, U.S.A., were examined forExpand
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