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An artificial transcription activator mimics the genome‐wide properties of the yeast Pdr1 transcription factor
We analysed the genome‐wide regulatory properties of an artificial transcription activator in which the DNA‐binding domain of the yeast transcription factor, Pdr1, was fused to the activation domainExpand
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A Quantitative Model for Ordered Cdk Substrate Dephosphorylation during Mitotic Exit
After sister chromatid splitting at anaphase onset, exit from mitosis comprises an ordered series of events. Dephosphorylation of numerous mitotic substrates, which were phosphorylated byExpand
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Condensin aids sister chromatid decatenation by topoisomerase II
The condensin complex is a key determinant of mitotic chromosome architecture. In addition, condensin promotes resolution of sister chromatids during anaphase, a function that is conserved fromExpand
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A quantitative model for cyclin-dependent kinase control of the cell cycle: revisited
The eukaryotic cell division cycle encompasses an ordered series of events. Chromosomal DNA is replicated during S phase of the cell cycle before being distributed to daughter cells in mitosis. BothExpand
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Topological in vitro loading of the budding yeast cohesin ring onto DNA
The biochemical reconstitution of topological DNA binding by budding yeast cohesin yields surprises and opens opportunities to exploit experimental approaches developed in this model organism. TheExpand
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CTD kinase I is involved in RNA polymerase I transcription.
RNA polymerase II carboxy terminal domain (CTD) kinases are key elements in the control of mRNA synthesis. Yeast CTD kinase I (CTDK-I), is a non-essential complex involved in the regulation of mRNAExpand
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CTD kinase I is required for the integrity of the rDNA tandem array
The genomic stability of the rDNA tandem array is tightly controlled to allow sequence homogenization and to prevent deleterious rearrangements. In this report, we show that the absence of the yeastExpand
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