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Toxicity of some Fusarium section Sporotrichiella strains in relation to mycotoxin production
The relationship between the toxicities of crude extracts and purified toxins of Fusarium spp. belonging to the section Sporotrichiella has been assessed. Toxicity was determined on the basis ofExpand
Presynaptic cholinergic modulators as potent cognition enhancers and analgesic drugs. 2. 2-Phenoxy-, 2-(phenylthio)-, and 2-(phenylamino)alkanoic acid esters.
According to the results obtained with (R)-(+)-hyoscyamine, analgesic activity is stereochemistry dependent, since the R-(+)-enantiomers are always more efficacious than the corresponding S-(-)-ones. Expand
Revertant and potentiating activity of lonidamine in patients with ovarian cancer previously treated with platinum.
The 37% response rate observed in this study, suggests that the synergism between CDDP and LND observed in vitro against ovarian cancer cell lines can be clinically confirmed. Expand
Immunomodulatory effects of fusarochromanones TDP-1 and TDP-2.
An in vitro peripheral lymphocyte blastogenesis system was used to investigate the biological activities of the fungal toxin fusarochromanone (TDP-1) and its monoacetyl derivative TDP-2, which has similar but less pronounced effects on lymphocyte proliferation. Expand
Stability of fumonisins (FB1 and FB2) in solution.
The stability of fumonisins B1 and B2 during 6 week storage was studied in acetonitrile:water (1:1) and methanol at four storage temperatures (-18, 4, 25 and 40 degrees C) and the overall coefficient of variation was < 3% for both toxins. Expand
Correlation between HPLC-determined lonidamine serum levels and clinical response in patients with advanced ovarian cancer.
The high serum levels of lonidamine detected in three of four responding patients suggests that the syngerism between LND and CDDP observed ovarian cancer cell lines may be confirmed in clinical practice, however, the potential role of LND in enhancing CDDP activity can be definitely established in large randomized trials. Expand
An on-line semi-automated solid-phase extraction procedure for high-performance liquid chromatographic determination of lonidamine in serum.
A semi-automated solid-phase extraction procedure on-line with gradient elution reversed-phase chromatography permits the determination of lonidamine and its metabolite in human serum. The averageExpand
[Sex hormones and male osteoporosis. A physiologic prospective for prevention and therapy].
Total testosterone resulted the most predictive sex hormone for the loss of bone mass; therefore, it is important to evaluate sex hormones in males with osteoporosis, for a correct and "physiological" therapy. Expand
[Association of infantile nephroblastomatosis and Wilms' tumor: discussion of a clinical case and therapeutic problems, analysis of the literature].
A case report of bilateral nephroblastomatosis in a 19 month child, who underwent a unilateral nephrectomy and chemotherapy, revealed mature features of nephrogenic rests progressing to Wilms' tumor. Expand