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Social enterprise: An international overview of its conceptual evolution and legal implementation
– The purpose of this paper is to analyze the evolution of the social enterprise concept at an international level. It provides a comprehensive overview of the existing literature in this subjectExpand
The Emergence of Social Enterprise
Introduction: From Third Sector to Social Enterprise Part 1: Social Enterprises in the Fifteen EU Countries 1. Austria: Social Enterprises and New Childcare Services 2. Belgium: Social Enterprises inExpand
Worker Motivations, Job Satisfaction, and Loyalty in Public and Nonprofit Social Services
Exploiting a unique data set created in 1999 on a sample of 228 public, nonprofit, and for-profit organizations operating in the social service sector, and on 2,066 workers, the article tests whetherExpand
Worker involvement in entrepreneurial nonprofit organizations. Toward a new assessment of workers' perceived satisfaction and fairness
Exploiting a unique data set created in 1998 on a sample of 228 public, nonprofit and for-profit organizations working in the social service sector, and on 2066 workers, the paper seeks toExpand
The Concept and Practice of Social Enterprise. Lessons from the Italian Experience
Abstract: Social enterprises are increasingly regarded as successful mechanisms for reconciling equity and efficiency with the creation of economic and social value, and they can be interpreted asExpand
Rural Finance and Agricultural Technology Adoption in Ethiopia: Does the Institutional Design of Lending Organizations Matter?
It has now become almost a stylized fact that sustained agricultural growth is central to rapid poverty reduction and economic development. Yet, world poverty is largely concentrated in the agrarianExpand
Trends and challenges for co-operatives and social enterprises in developed and transition countries
Recent years have witnessed a new interest in co-operative organizations, especially as a consequence of their transformation and expansion in new fields of activity. These two phenomena areExpand
What to Make of Social Innovation? Towards a Framework for Policy Development
Over the past few years there has been a growing interest on the part of the scientific community (and, more recently, of policymakers) in the concept of social innovation. The notion of socialExpand