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Unpacking Postharvest Losses in Sub-Saharan Africa: A Meta-Analysis
Reducing postharvest losses (PHL) is a key pathway to food and nutrition security in sub-Saharan Africa. However, knowledge of PHL magnitudes is limited. A meta-analysis has been conducted to exposeExpand
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Thermal Tolerance of the Coffee Berry Borer Hypothenemus hampei: Predictions of Climate Change Impact on a Tropical Insect Pest
Coffee is predicted to be severely affected by climate change. We determined the thermal tolerance of the coffee berry borer , Hypothenemus hampei, the most devastating pest of coffee worldwide, andExpand
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Some Like It Hot: The Influence and Implications of Climate Change on Coffee Berry Borer (Hypothenemus hampei) and Coffee Production in East Africa
The negative effects of climate change are already evident for many of the 25 million coffee farmers across the tropics and the 90 billion dollar (US) coffee industry. The coffee berry borerExpand
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Shifts in malaria vector species composition and transmission dynamics along the Kenyan coast over the past 20 years
BackgroundOver the past 20 years, numerous studies have investigated the ecology and behaviour of malaria vectors and Plasmodium falciparum malaria transmission on the coast of Kenya. SubstantialExpand
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Ecology: A Prerequisite for Malaria Elimination and Eradication
Gerry Killeen and colleagues argue that malaria eradication efforts will not be successful until a better understanding of the ecology and evolution of the mosquito vectors is gained.
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The relationship between primary parasitoids and hyperparasitoids of cereal aphids: an analysis of field data
1. We analysed data collected in 1983-89 from cereal fields to elucidate the relationships between the primary parasitoids and hyperparasitoids of cereal aphids. The analysis aimed to establishExpand
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Ceratothripoides claratris, a New Vector of a Capsicum chlorosis virus Isolate Infecting Tomato in Thailand.
ABSTRACT Ceratothripoides claratris, the predominant thrips species on tomato in Thailand, was tested for vector competence and efficiency to transmit Capsicum chlorosis virus (CaCV) (isolate AIT) toExpand
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Taxonomy, Ecology, and Management of Native and Exotic Fruit Fly Species in Africa.
Horticulture is one of the most important agricultural subsectors in Africa, providing income, creating employment opportunities, and enhancing food and nutritional security. However, tephritid fruitExpand
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