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Continuous Daily Light Period and Temperature Influence Peanut Yield in Nutrient Film Technique
Evaluation of the effect of a continuous light period combined with constant or diurnally cyded temperatures on pod and seed yield, plant biomass, harvest index, and gas exchange in ‘Georgia Red’ peanut grown hydroponically under the nutrient film technique suggests that, while light period influenced, foliage, pod, and Seed yield, temperature influenced foliage dry mass, immature seed yields, and harvest index. Expand
The Impact of Plant-Parasitic Nematodes on Agriculture and Methods of Control
The importance of plant-parasitic nematodes in agriculture and the molecular events involved in plant-nematode interactions are highlighted. Expand
Sweet Potato Growth Parameters, Yield Components and Nutritive value for CELSS Applications
Sweet potatoes have been grown hydroponically using the nutrient film technique (NFT) to provide a potential food source for long-term manned space missions. Experiments in both sand and NFTExpand
Elevated carbon dioxide influences yield and photosynthetic responses of hydroponically-grown sweetpotato
The response of 'TI-155' and 'Georgia Jet' sweetpotato cultivars to elevated CO2 concentrations were evaluated under controlled environment conditions using the nutrient film technique (NFT) and CO2 concentration did not significantly influence net Pn, transpiration, water-use-efficiency (WUE), and stomatal conductance. Expand
The effect of topping frequency on nutrient content of sweet potato green tips
Abstract Nutrient content of leafy green tips (end 15 cm) from two sweet potato cultivars, ‘Jewel’ and ‘Carver’, was affected by time of harvest and topping frequency. The earlier the harvest (beforeExpand
Influence of Daily Light Period and Irradiance on Yield and Leaf Elemental Concentration of Hydroponically Grown Sweetpotato
A longer daily light and lower irradiance enhanced biomass production of sweetpotato but reduced leaf elemental concentration probably because of a "dilution" effect. Expand
Sweet potatoes in Cameroon: Nutritional profile of leaves and their potential new use in local foods
The leaves were found to soften Gnetum africanum vegetable sauce giving it an acceptable appearance, texture, flavour and taste and can provide a nutritional base in Africa for the nutritionally vulnerable in rural and urban communities. Expand
Relative Humidity Influences Yield, Edible Biomass, and Linear Growth Rate of Sweetpotato
Vine cuttings of T1-155 were grown using the nutrient film technique in a randomized complete-block design with two replications to study the physiological and growth response of sweetpotato to either 50% or 85% relative humidity. Expand
Plant Spacing Influences Yield and Linear Growth Rate of Sweetpotatoes Grown Hydroponically
Storage root count, fresh and dry weights, and linear growth rate of sweetpotatoes grown by use of the nutrient film technique declined linearly in response to decreased BCS, while fresh anddry foliage weight decreased linearly and quadratically as spacing was reduced within the growth channels. Expand