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Seasons Such as These: How Homelessness Took Shape in America
Activists and the emergence of homelessness as a social problem in Washington, D.C. the community for creative non-violence takes on the issue the Holy Trinity campaign the national visitor centerExpand
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Homeless mothers and depression: misdirected policy.
This paper is a critique of recent service-intensive shelter programs for homeless mothers and the policies that underlie these shelters. We first document the process by which mental health problemsExpand
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The rhetoric of domination and its strategic use by homeless mothers
I examine power as it is used by those thought to be among the most powerless women in our society—sheltered homeless women. I first describe homeless shelters as a form of total institution. Next,Expand
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The Therapeutic Incarceration of Homeless Families
We discovered from a sample of 340 homeless families that services designed to aid them emerged from two, often conflicting, scrambles for resources. Social service providers parlayed publicExpand
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Authenticity and Carrier Agents: The Social Construction of Political Gaffes
Political campaigns require constant performance from politicians. This presents ample opportunity for the occurrence of political gaffes. While it is not surprising that political gaffes can have aExpand
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Claimsmakers and Contexts in Early Constructions of Homelessness: A Comparison of New York City and Washington, D.C.
This study compares the emergence of homelessness as a “ new” social problem from 1977 through 1981 in New York City and Washington, D.C. The two cases illustrate a comparative constructionist methodExpand
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Information They Can Trust: Increasing Youth Voter Turnout at the University
In the 2004 presidential election, perhaps 54% of the nation's youngest cohort—dubbed “Generation Next” by some pollsters—cast a vote. This was a substantial increase over the 42% of eligibleExpand
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Good Ol’ Boy Talk versus the Blogosphere in the Case of Former Senator George Allen
The unsuccessful 2006 reelection campaign of then incumbent Republican senator George Allen of Virginia is employed to discuss the emergent role of blogging in political discourse. We analyzeExpand
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Advocacy and Enumeration
Enumerating or estimating the numbers of homeless people has become an important research activity in the past few decades. The methodologies of almost all efforts to count homeless people have beenExpand
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