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Adaptive sampling with the ensemble transform Kalman filter
A suboptimal Kalman filter called the ensemble transform Kalman filter (ET KF) is introduced. Like other Kalman filters, it provides a framework for assimilating observations and also for estimatingExpand
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Ensemble Square Root Filters
Abstract Ensemble data assimilation methods assimilate observations using state-space estimation methods and low-rank representations of forecast and analysis error covariances. A key element of suchExpand
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Which Is Better, an Ensemble of Positive–Negative Pairs or a Centered Spherical Simplex Ensemble?
Abstract New methods to center the initial ensemble perturbations on the analysis are introduced and compared with the commonly used centering method of positive–negative paired perturbations. In theExpand
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A Comparison of Breeding and Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter Ensemble Forecast Schemes
Abstract The ensemble transform Kalman filter (ETKF) ensemble forecast scheme is introduced and compared with both a simple and a masked breeding scheme. Instead of directly multiplying each forecastExpand
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Ensemble Transformation and Adaptive Observations
Abstract Suppose that the geographical and temporal resolution of the observational network could be changed on a daily basis. Of all the possible deployments of observational resources, whichExpand
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Cloud-Resolving Hurricane Initialization and Prediction through Assimilation of Doppler Radar Observations with an Ensemble Kalman Filter
Abstract This study explores the assimilation of Doppler radar radial velocity observations for cloud-resolving hurricane analysis, initialization, and prediction with an ensemble Kalman filterExpand
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Climate model dependence and the replicate Earth paradigm
Multi-model ensembles are commonly used in climate prediction to create a set of independent estimates, and so better gauge the likelihood of particular outcomes and better quantify predictionExpand
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A Comparison of Hybrid Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter–Optimum Interpolation and Ensemble Square Root Filter Analysis Schemes
A hybrid ensemble transform Kalman filter (ETKF)–optimum interpolation (OI) analysis scheme is described and compared with an ensemble square root filter (EnSRF) analysis scheme. A two-layerExpand
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Adaptive Sampling with the Ensemble Transform Kalman Filter. Part II: Field Program Implementation
The practical application of the ensemble transform Kalman filter (ET KF), used in recent Winter Storm Reconnaissance (WSR) programs by the National Centers for Environmental Prediction (NCEP), isExpand
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Eady Edge Waves and Rapid Development
Abstract Perturbations of the classical Eady model are treated in terms of the system's two intrinsic baroclinic edge waves. This provides a simple quantitative example of the wave couplingExpand
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