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Relative biological effectiveness for protons of energies up to 31 MeV.
Survition curves for human cells grown in monolayer at different proton energies and for γ rays from60 Co were determined and the minimum clone size to be chosen for definition of true survivors was examined.
Secondary neutron and photon dose in proton therapy.
Content of trace elements in the respirable fractions of the air particulate of urban and rural areas monitored by neutron activation analysis
The concentrations (ng/m3) of more than 30 trace elements have been determined in the total air particulate matter and in the sizesegregated fractions collected in urban, industrialized, and rural
The Extended Range Neutron Rem Counter LINUS: Overview and Latest Developments
The 'history' of the extended range neutron rem counter LINUS, since its first conception in 1990, is reviewed, along with the latest developments. These include the calibration of the initially