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Evaluation of the genotoxic activity of 2-nitroanthrafurans.
For all three 2-nitroanthrafurans, the responses were correlated in the 2 tests and were decreased in the presence of an 'activating mixture' and in nitroreductase-deficient strains. Expand
Genotoxicity testing: phage T7 inactivation test of various furan and arenofuran derivatives.
The genotoxic activities of 28 furan and arenofuran derivatives were tested by the phage T7-inactivation test. The genotoxic activity of the compounds was characterized quantitatively. All theExpand
Electron impact mass spectra of some anthracene, anthrafuran and nitroanthrafuran derivatives. A tandem mass spectrometric collisional activation dissociation study
The 70-eV electron impact mass spectra of a series of thirty anthracene, seven anthra[2,1-b]furan and seven 2-nitroanthra[2,1-b]furan derivatives are described and discussed. A collisional activationExpand
Opening Up: The New Old Face of Providence, Rhode Island
A young couple walks down an alleyway. She suggests that it would be wonderful if music was played from speakers in the branches of the trees. A week later, the speakers have been installed, music isExpand