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The impact of brain metastasis on quality of life, resource utilization and survival in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer.
This systematic review aims to improve understanding of the burden of disease associated with brain metastases from non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) in terms of survival, quality of life (QoL) andExpand
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Measures of Physical Activity Using Cell Phones: Validation Using Criterion Methods
Background Physical activity is associated with reduced risks of many chronic diseases. Data collected on physical activity in large epidemiological studies is often based on paper questionnaires.Expand
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SMS versus telephone interviews for epidemiological data collection: feasibility study estimating influenza vaccination coverage in the Swedish population
This study compared the use of Short Message Service (SMS) on mobile phones and the use of telephone interviews in collecting self-reported data about influenza vaccination. Through random selectionExpand
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Evaluation of an Internet-Based Hearing Test—Comparison with Established Methods for Detection of Hearing Loss
Background Hearing impairment is most accurately measured by a clinical pure-tone audiogram. This method is not suitable for large-scale, population-based epidemiological studies as it requires thatExpand
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Estimation of Physical Activity Levels Using Cell Phone Questionnaires: A Comparison With Accelerometry for Evaluation of Between-Subject and Within-Subject Variations
Background Physical activity promotes health and longevity. Further elaboration of the role of physical activity for human health in epidemiological studies on large samples requires accurate methodsExpand
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Interactive Voice Response and web-based questionnaires for population-based infectious disease reporting
The authors aimed to evaluate the web and an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) phone service as vehicles in population-based infectious disease surveillance. Fourteen thousand subjects were randomlyExpand
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An Internet-Based Hearing Test for Simple Audiometry in Nonclinical Settings: Preliminary Validation and Proof of Principle
Objective: To investigate the validity and reproducibility of a newly developed internet-based self-administered hearing test using clinical pure-tone air-conducted audiometry as gold standard. StudyExpand
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The Validity of Self-Initiated, Event-Driven Infectious Disease Reporting in General Population Cohorts
Background The 2009/2010 pandemic influenza highlighted the need for valid and timely incidence data. In 2007 we started the development of a passive surveillance scheme based on passive follow-up ofExpand
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Estimating physical activity using a cell phone questionnaire sent by means of short message service (SMS): a randomized population-based study
An investigation in a randomized population-based Swedish study with 564 participants aged 18–80 years showed that mean physical activity levels obtained using short message service (SMS) by means ofExpand
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E-epidemiology : Adapting epidemiological methods for the 21st century
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