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On the Desirability of Acyclic Database Schemes
A class of database schemes, called acychc, was recently introduced. Expand
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A Proof Procedure for Data Dependencies
Definition d'une classe de dependances, dependances generant l'equalite et les triples et generalisation du processus de poursuite pour traiter ces dependances. Expand
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On the power of magic
This paper considers the efficient evaluation of recursive queries expressed using Horn Clauses by rewriting a program and evaluating the rewritten program bottom-up. Expand
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A complete axiomatization for functional and multivalued dependencies in database relations
We investigate the inference rules that can be applied to functional and multivalued dependencies that exist in a database relation. Expand
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On the Structure of Armstrong Relations for Functional Dependencies
An Armstrong relation for a set of functional dependencies (FDs) is a relation that satisfies each FD implied by the set but no FD that is not implied by it. Expand
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On the menbership problem for functional and multivalued dependencies in relational databases
  • C. Beeri
  • Computer Science
  • TODS
  • 1 September 1980
The problem of whether a given dependency in a database relation can be derived from a given set of dependencies is investigated. Expand
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Querying Business Processes with BP-QL
We present BP-QL, a new query language which allows for a GUI-based intuitive query formulation of business processes specifications, and query execution in a distributed environment. Expand
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On the power of languages for manipulation of complex objects
Antimicrobial compositions are provided wherein there is obtained an enhancement of the activity of an antimicrobial agent exemplified by quaternary ammonium compounds, bisdiguanides, anti-fungalExpand
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The theory of joins in relational data bases
This paper gives an efficient algorithm to determine whether the join of several relations is semantically meaningful (lossless) and a lossy join. Expand
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Querying business processes
We present in this paper BP-QL, a novel query language for querying business processes. Expand
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