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Anti-Mullerian hormone, inhibin B, and antral follicle count in young women with ovarian failure.
CONTEXT Ovarian dysfunction is classically categorized on the basis of cycle history, FSH, and estradiol levels. Novel ovarian markers may provide a more direct insight into follicular quantity inExpand
Standardized multidisciplinary evaluation yields significant previously undiagnosed morbidity in adult women with Turner syndrome.
CONTEXT Besides short stature and gonadal dysgenesis, Turner syndrome (TS) is associated with various abnormalities. Adults with TS have a reduced life expectancy, mainly related to structuralExpand
Buccal cell FISH and blood PCR-Y detect high rates of X chromosomal mosaicism and Y chromosomal derivatives in patients with Turner syndrome.
Turner syndrome (TS) is the result of (partial) X chromosome monosomy. In general, the diagnosis is based on karyotyping of 30 blood lymphocytes. This technique, however, does not rule out tissueExpand
Deciding about fertility preservation after specialist counselling.
STUDY QUESTION How do female patients experience fertility preservation (FP) consultation (FPC) with a specialist in reproductive medicine and subsequent decision-making on FP? SUMMARY ANSWER MostExpand
Optimal perfusion of an intact ovary as a prerequisite for successful ovarian cryopreservation.
BACKGROUND Cryopreservation and subsequent reimplantation of intact ovaries from cancer patients, offers potentially the best prognosis for restoring fertility after sterilizing cancer treatment. WeExpand
Referral for fertility preservation counselling in female cancer patients.
STUDY QUESTION What changes can be detected in fertility preservation (FP) counselling (FPC) over time and what are the determinants associated with the referral of newly diagnosed female cancerExpand
Reproductive status in adult male long-term survivors of childhood cancer.
BACKGROUND This study assessed the long-term effects of cancer therapies on reproductive status in adult male childhood cancer survivors, evaluated the treatment-related risk factors forExpand
Decision-making in female fertility preservation is balancing the expected burden of fertility preservation treatment and the wish to conceive.
STUDY QUESTION What are the decisive factors in fertility preservation (FP) decision-making in young women scheduled for gonadotoxic therapy? SUMMARY ANSWER FP decision-making in young womenExpand
Do Surgical Interventions Influence Psychosexual and Cosmetic Outcomes in Women with Disorders of Sex Development?
Clinical practice developed to promote psychosexual well-being in DSD is under scrutiny. Although techniques for genital surgery have much improved lately, long-term studies on psychosexualExpand
Autotransplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue in cancer survivors and the risk of reintroducing malignancy: a systematic review.
BACKGROUND The risk of recurrent oncological disease due to the reintroduction of cancer cells via autotransplantation of cryopreserved ovarian tissue is unknown. METHODS A systematic review ofExpand