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Active Particles in Complex and Crowded Environments
Differently from passive Brownian particles, active particles, also known as self-propelled Brownian particles or microswimmers and nanoswimmers, are capable of taking up energy from their
Dynamical clustering and phase separation in suspensions of self-propelled colloidal particles.
A (quasi-)two-dimensional colloidal suspension of self-propelled spherical particles propelled due to diffusiophoresis in a near-critical water-lutidine mixture finds that the driving stabilizes small clusters and undergoes a phase separation into large clusters and a dilute gas phase.
Direct measurement of critical Casimir forces
The direct measurement of critical Casimir force is reported between a single colloidal sphere and a flat silica surface immersed in a mixture of water and 2,6-lutidine near its critical point, which may result in novel uses of colloids as model systems.
Realization of a micrometre-sized stochastic heat engine
An optically trapped colloidal particle serves as the first realization of a stochastic thermal engine, extending our understanding of the thermodynamics behind the Carnot cycle to microscopic scales
Influence of noise on force measurements.
It is demonstrated how the ineluctable presence of thermal noise alters the measurement of forces acting on microscopic and nanoscopic objects, and that the force-measurement process is prone to artifacts if the noise is not correctly taken into account.
On the limits of digital video microscopy
We explore the limits of digital video microscopy which is established as a standard method in physics, chemistry and biology. At particle distances close to contact we observe small but systematic
Photoelectrochromic windows and displays
PHOTOCHROMIC materials1,2 change colour on absorption of light, whereas electrochromic materials3,4 change colour in response to an electrically induced change in oxidation state. Both classes of
Microswimmers in patterned environments
A novel species of microswimmers whose active motion is due to the local demixing of a critical binary liquid mixture and can be easily tuned by illumination is developed, which can be employed to develop advanced sorting, classification and dialysis techniques.
Critical Casimir effect in classical binary liquid mixtures.
This work reports on the direct measurement of critical Casimir forces by total internal reflection microscopy with femtonewton resolution and provides the corresponding theoretical predictions for the sphere-planar wall geometry of the experiment.