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Is There a Double-Negative Effect on the Earnings of Immigrant Women?
This paper examines whether there is a "double-negative" effect on the earnings of immigrant women arising from a possible combined negative impact of gender and birthplace on earnings. The paperExpand
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Review: Dollars and Dreams: A Reduced Middle Class? Alternative Explanations
We decompose annual earnings into hours of work and hourly earnings and analyze male-female differences in earnings inequality using Canadian data. Our results indicate that the larger femaleExpand
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Canadian Immigration Policy for the 21st Century
Since 9/11 there have been many changes to the external environment of Canadian immigration, a number of criticisms of current immigration policy in Canada, and several proposals for dealing withExpand
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Wage Changes and Job Changes of Canadian Women: Evidence from the 1986-87 Labour Market Activity Survey
The paper employs data from the 1986-87 Labour Market Activity Survey to investigate empirically how the wage rates of female paid workers in Canada change when they change jobs, in particularExpand
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Estimated Payroll Tax Incidence and Aggregate Demand for Labour in the United Kingdom
The payroll tax should be of interest to empirical researchers for a number of reasons. It is a large and growing source of government revenues in many countries such as United States, Canada and theExpand
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Inequality and polarization of male earnings in the United States, 1968–1990
Abstract In this paper we examine trends in inequality and polarization of U.S. male earnings using recently developed techniques of statistical inference to test for distributional changes. We findExpand
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Immigrant Earnings Differentials and Cohort Effects in Canada
This paper examines what has happened to immigrant earnings in Canada and test two alternative hypotheses of Chiswick and Borjas re changing immigrant earnings differentials. The paper use a 1973Expand
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Long-Run Inequality and Short-Run Instability of Men'S and Women'S Earnings in Canada
This paper examines the variability of workers’ earnings in Canada over the period 1982–2006. We decompose the total variance of workers’ earnings into a ‘permanent’ component between workers and aExpand
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Higher Education in Canada
Alarms have been increasingly raised about the declining quality of Canadian universities given years of chronic under-funding, overcrowding, and dramatically rising tuition fees and student debtExpand
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