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Protection of Bacterial Spores in Space, a Contribution to the Discussion on Panspermia
Spores of Bacillus subtilis were exposed to space in theBIOPAN facility of the European Space Agency onboard of the Russian Earth-orbiting FOTON satellite. The spores were exposed either in dryExpand
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Astrobiology: The Quest for the Conditions of Life
Organic Material in Space and Habitable Zones.- Water and Life.- Electromagnetic Fields, Radiation and Life.- Gravity and Life.- Complexity and Life.- Forthcoming Space Missions Relevant forExpand
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Carbon-Ion-Induced Activation of the NF-&kgr;B Pathway
Carbon-ion cancer therapy offers several physical and radiobiological advantages over conventional photon cancer therapy. The molecular mechanisms that determine cellular outcome, including theExpand
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Fluorometric Analysis of DNA Unwinding (FADU) as a Method for Detecting Repair-induced DNA Strand Breaks in UV-irradiated Mammalian Cells¶
Abstract Fluorometric analysis of DNA unwinding (FADU assay) was originally designed to detect X-ray–induced DNA damage in repair-proficient and repair-deficient mammalian cell lines. The method wasExpand
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Fundamentals for the Assessment of Risks from Environmental Radiation
Preface. Risk Assessment. DNA Injuries, Damage Induction and Removal. Chromosome Damage. Cellular Responses. Tissue and Organism Responses. Radiation Protection Concepts. Appendix. Author Index.Expand
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DNA repair in microgravity: studies on bacteria and mammalian cells in the experiments REPAIR and KINETICS.
The impact of microgravity on cellular repair processes was tested in the space experiments REPAIR and KINETICS, which were performed during the IML-2 mission in the Biorack of ESA: (a) survival ofExpand
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Cellular Monitoring of the Nuclear Factor κB Pathway for Assessment of Space Environmental Radiation
Abstract Baumstark-Khan, C., Hellweg, C. E., Arenz, A. and Meier, M. M. Cellular Monitoring of the Nuclear Factor κB Pathway for Assessment of Space Environmental Radiation. Radiat. Res. 164, 527–530Expand
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Alkaline elution versus fluorescence analysis of DNA unwinding.
Publisher Summary Induction and rejoining of DNA strand breaks in X-irradiated cells may be measured by two methods: alkaline filter elution and fluorometric analysis of DNA unwinding (FADU). TheExpand
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Determination of Geno- and Cytotoxicity of Groundwater and Sediments Using the Recombinant SWITCH Test
Abstract The recombinant Salmonella typhimurium TA1535 strain carrying the SWITCH plasmid (combined construct of the SOS-Lux plasmid pPLS-1 and the LAC-Fluoro plasmid pGFPuv: pSWITCH) was treatedExpand
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