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Transfacial versus endoscopic approach in the treatment of woodworker's nasal adenocarcinomas
The purpose of this study was to present a monocentric retrospective study designed to compare oncologic results and morbidity between transfacial surgery and endoscopic endonasal surgery for nasalExpand
“Watchful observation” follow‐up scheme after endoscopic CO2 laser treatment for small glottic carcinomas: A retrospective study of 93 cases
Evaluate the clinical outcome of patients treated with CO2 laser surgery for early‐stage glottic carcinomas followed up with 3‐month laryngoscopy regardless of tumor grade and margins.
Otitis media with effusion as a marker of the inflammatory process associated to nasal polyposis.
Despite the close location of polyps with the Eustachian tube, association between nasal polyposis (NP) and otitis media with effusion (OME) has not been described in the literature. OurExpand
[Epidemiologic and etiologic patterns of uveitis in a University Hospital].
INTRODUCTION The purpose of this study was to describe the epidemiologic characteristics of adult uveitis evaluated at the regional center of excellence specializing in systemic and autoimmuneExpand
Total hip prosthesis CT with single-energy projection-based metallic artifact reduction: impact on the visualization of specific periprosthetic soft tissue structures
ObjectivesTo compare the image quality of CT with iterative reconstruction alone and in association with projection-based single-energy metal artifact reduction (SEMAR) for the visualization ofExpand
The site of origin of nasal polyposis in the ethmoid subcompartments assessed from clinical observation of ninety‐four nasal cavities
Keypoints  Combined transmastoid and middle fossa approach is the most used approach for meningoencephalic herniations associated tympano-mastoid infection.  A retrospective cohort study wasExpand
CT Assessment of Woodworkers’ Nasal Adenocarcinomas Confirms the Origin in the Olfactory Cleft
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE: Endoscopic endonasal surgery let us observe that woodworkers’ nasal adenocarcinomas originate in the olfactory cleft. Our aim was the identification of CT imaging featuresExpand
Septorhinoplasty by disarticulation: early assessment of a new technique for morphological correction of crooked noses.
OBJECTIVE This study was aimed to assess the early morphological results of a new septorhinoplasty technique based on disarticulation (SRD) between bony and cartilaginous nose structures. Expand
Prevalence and risk factors for outer retinal layer damage after macula-off retinal detachment
Purpose To report the prevalence of outer retinal layer (ORL) damage after macula-off rhegmatogenous retinal detachment (RRD) surgery and to determine its associated preoperative risk factors.Expand
Metal artifact reduction for small metal implants on CT: Which image reconstruction algorithm performs better?
PURPOSE To compare the performance of different image reconstruction algorithms in the presence of small metal objects of different sizes and at different dose levels. METHOD A fresh bone of bovineExpand