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Induction of epithelial tubules by growth factor HGF depends on the STAT pathway
Electroporation of a tyrosine-phosphorylated peptide, which interferes with both the association of STAT to the receptor and STAT dimerization, inhibits tubule formation in vitro without affecting either HGF-induced ‘scattering' or growth.
Dimer formation through domain swapping in the crystal structure of the Grb2-SH2-Ac-pYVNV complex.
This report is the first to describe domain swapping for an SH2 domain and it is shown that the SH2 dimer is metastable and a physiological role of this new form of dimer formation remains to be demonstrated.
Design, Synthesis, and Biological Evaluation of Levoglucosenone‐Derived Ras Activation Inhibitors
A panel of new potential Ras ligands was generated by decorating a tricyclic levoglucosenone‐derived scaffold with aromatic moieties with in-vitro inhibitory activity toward the nucleotide exchange process on Ras and are toxic to some human cancer cell lines.
Synthesis and antimicrobial spectrum of FCE 22101 and its orally available ester FCE 22891.
The most efficient routes for the synthesis of FCE 22101, a penem antibiotic characterized by a carbamoyloxymethyl sidechain at C-2 identical to that of cefuroxime and cefotaxime, and of FCE 22891,
Association of anthracyclines and synthetic hexanucleotides. Structural factors influencing sequence specificity
Kinetic data corroborate the results of equilibrium studies and are interpreted with a mechanism that includes formation of an intermediate bound species followed by drug redistribution to preferential sites.
Assignment of phosphate groups and determination of P,H coupling constants in the DNA fragment d(CGTACG) by 31P 2D NMR experiments
2D 31P/1H correlation spectroscopy has been used to assign individual phosphates in the self‐complementary DNA fragment d(CGTACG), which is present in solution as a B‐DNA type double helix. 31P