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Smallholder market participation: Concepts and evidence from eastern and southern Africa
This paper reviews the evidence on smallholder market participation, with a focus on staple foodgrains (i.e., cereals) in eastern and southern Africa, in an effort to help better identify whatExpand
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The Rise of Supermarkets in Africa, Asia, and Latin America
Supermarkets are traditionally viewed by development economists, policymakers, and practitioners as the rich world’s place to shop. The three regions discussed here have the great majority of theExpand
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The economics of poverty traps and persistent poverty: An asset-based approach
Abstract Longitudinal data on household living standards open the way to a deeper analysis of the nature and extent of poverty. While a number of studies have exploited this type of data toExpand
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Measuring Food Insecurity
  • C. Barrett
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  • 12 February 2010
Food security is a growing concern worldwide. More than 1 billion people are estimated to lack sufficient dietary energy availability, and at least twice that number suffer micronutrientExpand
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Agrifood Industry Transformation and Small Farmers in Developing Countries
Summary This article introduces this special issue on the rapid transformation of the agrifood industry in developing countries and its effects on small farmers. We review the literature from theExpand
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Stochastic Wealth Dynamics and Risk Management Among a Poor Population
The literature on economic growth and development has focused considerable attention on questions of risk management and the possibility of multiple equilibria associated with poverty traps. We useExpand
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Smallholder Participation in Contract Farming: Comparative Evidence from Five Countries
Supermarkets, specialized wholesalers, processors, and agro-exporters are transforming the marketing channels into which smallholder farmers sell produce in low-income economies. We develop aExpand
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On price risk and the inverse farm size-productivity relationship
The oft-observed inverse relationship between farm size and productivity has elicited several explanations having important policy and theoretical implications. Using advances in the analysis ofExpand
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Household Income Diversification into Rural Nonfarm Activities
The traditional vision of rural economies as purely agricultural is clearly obsolete. Farm households across the developing world earn an increasing share of their income from nonfarm sources (seeExpand
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Heterogeneous Constraints, Incentives and Income Diversification Strategies in Rural Africa
A burgeoning recent literature emphasizes "livelihood" diversification among smallholder populations (Chambers and Conway 1992, Davies 1993, Ellis 1998, Bryceson 1999, Ellis 2000, Little et al.Expand
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