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Satisfiability Modulo Theories
We show that general-purpose theorem provers, such as for instance provers based on the resolution calculus, are typically inadequate to work with the sort of formulas generated by formal methods tools. Expand
Reluplex: An Efficient SMT Solver for Verifying Deep Neural Networks
We present a novel, scalable, and efficient technique for verifying properties of deep neural networks, extended to handle the non-convex Rectified Linear Unit (ReLU) activation function, which is a crucial ingredient in many modern neural networks. Expand
The SMT-LIB Standard Version 2.0
The SMT-LIB initiative is an international effort, supported by research groups worldwide, with the two-fold goal of producing an extensive on-line library of benchmarks and promoting the adoption ofExpand
CVC Lite: A New Implementation of the Cooperating Validity Checker Category B
We describe a tool called CVC Lite (CVCL), an automated theorem prover for formulas in a union of first-order theories. Expand
A DPLL(T) Theory Solver for a Theory of Strings and Regular Expressions
We present an alternative approach, based on algebraic techniques for solving (quantifier-free) constraints natively over a theory of unbounded strings with length and regular language membership. Expand
Handbook of Satisfiability
Satisfiability Modulo Theories in first-order logic and formal methods for hardware and software development . Expand
CVC: A Cooperating Validity Checker
This paper describes the CVC ("Cooperating Validity Checker") decision procedure that combines subsidiary decision procedures for certain logical theories into a decision procedure for the theories' union. Expand
Counterexample-Guided Quantifier Instantiation for Synthesis in SMT
We introduce the first program synthesis engine implemented inside an SMT solver. Expand
Validity Checking for Combinations of Theories with Equality
An essential component in many verification methods is a fast decision procedure for validating logical expressions. Expand
The Marabou Framework for Verification and Analysis of Deep Neural Networks
Marabou is an SMT-based tool that can answer queries about a network’s properties by transforming these queries into constraint satisfaction problems. Expand