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Modelling the effect of myosin X motors on filopodia growth.
It is shown that in the absence of motors, filopodia growth is overestimated by the continuum mean-field theory, and fluctuations slow down the growth, especially when the protrusions are driven by a small number of F-actin fibres, and when the force opposing growth is large enough.
Nonequilibrium phase transition in the sedimentation of reproducing particles.
The importance of fluctuations in particle density in locating the phase-transition point is discussed, the kinetics of sedimentation at early times are reported, and a nonequilibrium phase transition between a "sedimentation" regime and a "uniform" regime is found.
Effects of advection on non-equilibrium systems
We study a number of non-equilibrium models of interest to both active matter and biological physicists. Using microscopic agent-based simulation as well as numerical integration of stochastic PDEs,
The role of noise and advection in absorbing state phase transitions
We study the effect of advection and noise on the field theory for directed percolation (DP). We show that even a very small advective velocity is enough to change the universality class of the