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An Irish Dimension to a British Kulturkampf?
  • C. Barr
  • Sociology
  • The Journal of Ecclesiastical History
  • 1 July 2005
In the second half of the nineteenth century, most European nations experienced a period of state-sponsored anti-Catholic legislation that has come to be known by the German term Kulturkampf. TheExpand
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‘Imperium in Imperio': Irish Episcopal Imperialism in the Nineteenth Century
The heavily Irish character of the Roman Catholic Church in the United States, United Kingdom, and much of the former British Empire is evident. This was not, however, the necessary consequence ofExpand
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Ireland’s Empire
Ireland's Empire: The Roman Catholic Church in the English-Speaking World, 1829-1914
that Catholic immigrants endangered the republic—was wholly absent in Lakeville; it also suggests that economic Nativism of earlier times—the worry of Protestant workmen that Catholic immigrantsExpand
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