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Motor Neuron Rescue in Spinal Muscular Atrophy Mice Demonstrates That Sensory-Motor Defects Are a Consequence, Not a Cause, of Motor Neuron Dysfunction
It is demonstrated that the SMA phenotype autonomously originates in MNs and that sensory-motor synapse loss is a consequence, not a cause, of MN dysfunction. Expand
Adhesion of Monocytes to Arterial Endothelium and Initiation of Atherosclerosis Are Critically Dependent on Vascular Cell Adhesion Molecule-1 Gene Dosage
It is demonstrated that VCAM-1 plays a pivotal role in the initiation of atherosclerosis in Apoe−/− mice by demonstrating a Vcam1 gene-dosage effect and significant reductions in these parameters. Expand
The DcpS inhibitor RG3039 improves survival, function and motor unit pathologies in two SMA mouse models.
The minimum effective dose and the associated pharmacokinetic (PK) and exposure relationship of RG3039 and DcpS inhibition ex vivo are determined and support the long PK half-life with extended pharmacodynamic outcome ofRG3039 in 2B/- SMA mice. Expand
Early Introduction of Clinical Skills Improves Medical Student Comfort at the Start of Third-Year Clerkships
A competency-based College system improves medical student comfort in core clinical skills at the start of the third year curriculum. Expand
Apo A-I inhibits foam cell formation in Apo E-deficient mice after monocyte adherence to endothelium.
Examination of prelesional events in atherosclerotic plaque development in 6- to 8-week-old apo E-deficient and apoE- deficient/human apo A-I transgenic mice suggests increases in apo C-I and HDL cholesterol inhibit foam cell formation at a stage following lipid deposition, endothelial activation, and monocyte adherence, without increases in HDL-associated paraoxonase. Expand