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Calculated Volume and Pressure Changes During the Thermal Cracking of Oil to Gas in Reservoirs (1)
The rising temperature that accompanies increasing burial depth converts oil in a reservoir into thermal gas. A consideration of hydrogen balance during this cracking shows that approximately 3000Expand
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Pyrolysis Techniques for Source-Rock Evaluation
Source rocks of petroleum are characterized by generation of hydrocarbons and the migration of these hydrocarbons out of the rock. Usually the process of generation is incomplete at depths ofExpand
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Aquathermal Pressuring--Role of Temperature in Development of Abnormal-Pressure Zones: GEOLOGICAL NOTES
Zones of abnormal subsurface pressures, both above and below hydrostatic, have been described in many areas. The very abrupt changes in pressures and salinities, together with the undercompactedExpand
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Leadership and Social Movements
Introduction - The questions of leadership - Colin Barker, Alan Johnson & Michael Lavalette Part One - Theorising leadership 1. Robert Michels and the Cruel Game - Colin Barker 2. Lenin and hegemonyExpand
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A Note on the Theory of Capitalist States
In Capital and Class 2, John Holloway and Sol Picciotto (hereafter H & P) published an important contribution to the ongoing debate on the Marxist theory of the state.1 The Note that followsExpand
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Marxism and Social Movements: An Introduction
Marxism is a body of theory crafted for social movements. This chapter suggests that the language of ‘class struggle’ translated into a language of ‘social movement’ with a Marxist accent. WhileExpand
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Selected organic matter source indicators in the Orinoco, Nile and Changjiang deltas
Carbon isotopic composition, carbon to nitrogen ratios, carbon preference (n-C23 to n-C32), and microscopic examination of selected samples were compared and contrasted as organic matter sourceExpand
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Effect of Water Washing on Crude Oil Compositions
Crude oils from Venezuela, Oklahoma, and New Mexico were water washed in the laboratory at temperatures from room temperature to 80°C, and with water salinities from 0 to 300,000 mg/L in experimentsExpand
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Organic geochemistry in petroleum exploration
Organic geochemistry can be a useful addition to the range of techniques available to the exploration geologist. This publication introduces the fundamental ideas of organic geochemistry with fourExpand
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