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Niche-specific regulation of central metabolic pathways in a fungal pathogen
It is concluded that C.’albicans displays a metabolic program whereby the glyoxylate cycle and gluconeogenesis are activated early, when the pathogen is phagocytosed by host cells, while the subsequent progression of systemic disease is dependent upon glycolysis.
GFP as a quantitative reporter of gene regulation in Candida albicans
A system has been developed for the quantitative analysis of gene expression within individual Candida albicans cells in infected tissue. The system is based on the plasmid pGFP, which contains the
CIp10, an efficient and convenient integrating vector for Candida albicans
A convenient andcient integrating vector for C. albicans, constructed on pBluescript KS, with a limited number of reliable and robust plasmids available to support genetic screens and functional analyses in this major fungal pathogen in humans.
Experimental Model of the Aerodynamic Drag Coefficient in Alpine Skiing
Aerodynamic properties are one of the factors that determine speed performance in Alpine skiing. Many studies have examined the consequences of this factor in downhill skiing, and the impact of
Exposure of Candida albicans to antifungal agents affects expression of SAP2 and SAP9 secreted proteinase genes.
Antifungal agents with three different mechanisms of action similarly generate a rise in expression of SAP2 and activity of the secreted Sap2 gene product, a known virulence factor, in most isolates of C. albicans.
Therapeutic Potential of Shark Anti-ICOSL VNAR Domains is Exemplified in a Murine Model of Autoimmune Non-Infectious Uveitis
The ability of a novel class of anti-ICOSL antigen-binding single domains derived from sharks (VNARs) to effectively reduce inflammation in a murine model of non-infectious uveitis is demonstrated, the first demonstration of efficacy of a VNAR binding domain in a relevant clinical model of disease.
Shark variable new antigen receptor biologics – a novel technology platform for therapeutic drug development
This paper will position shark-derived variable new antigen receptors (VNARs) within an overview of the existing biologics landscape including the growth, diversity and success to date of alternative scaffolds, and discuss the main competing single-domain technologies and the exciting therapeutic potential of VNAR domains as clinical candidates.
Asynchronous Cell Cycle and Asymmetric Vacuolar Inheritance in True Hyphae of Candida albicans
It is suggested that the cellular vacuole space correlates with alterations in the cell cycles of different cell types and that the total organelle space may influence size-regulated functions and hence the timing of the eukaryotic cell cycle.