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Cosmetic crossings and Seifert matrices
We study cosmetic crossings in knots of genus one and obtain obstructions to such crossings in terms of knot invariants determined by Seifert matrices. In particular, we prove that for genus oneExpand
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Cosmetic crossings of twisted knots
We prove that the property of admitting no cosmetic crossing changes is preserved under the operation of forming certain satellites of winding number zero. We also define strongly cosmetic crossingExpand
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Training in Disaster Management: Enhancing Post-Graduate Clinical Preparedness through a Novel Curriculum
s 15th World Congress on Disaster and Emergency Medicine s7 Training in Disaster Management: Enhancing PostGraduate Clinical Preparedness through a Novel Curriculum K.A. Martens? S. Haydar,M. Cicero;Expand
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We show that for genus one knots the Alexander polynomial and the homology of the double cover branching over the knot provide obstructions to cosmetic crossings. As an application we prove the nuga-Expand
Generalized crossing changes in satellite knots
We show that if K is a satellite knot in the 3-sphere S3 which admits a generalized cosmetic crossing change of order q with |q| ≥ 6, then K admits a pattern knot with a generalized cosmetic crossingExpand
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Knots without cosmetic crossings
Let K' be a knot that admits no cosmetic crossing changes and let C be a non-trivial, prime, non-cable knot. Then any knot that is a satellite of C with winding number zero and pattern K' admits noExpand
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Community? What do you mean? An investigation into how differing understandings of the term ‘community’ shapes care-leavers’ move to independence
We explored the ways in which a performance-led approach to community formation and personal development can inform care-leavers’ move to independence. We adopted a case study approach, working withExpand