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Antenna Theory: Analysis and Design
The most-up-to-date resource available on antenna theory and design. Expanded coverage of design procedures and equations makes meeting ABET design requirements easy and prepares readers forExpand
Advanced Engineering Electromagnetics
Time--Varying and Time--Harmonic Electromagnetic Fields. Electrical Properties of Matter. Wave Equation and Its Solutions. Wave Propagation and Polarization. Reflection and Transmission. AuxiliaryExpand
Antenna theroy analysis and design
Introduction to Smart Antennas
This book includes an overview of smart antenna concepts, introduces some of the areas that impact smart antennas, and examines the influence of interaction and integration of these areas to Mobile Ad-Hoc Networks. Expand
Modern Antenna Handbook
Find the most up-to-date and comprehensive treatment of classical and modern antennas and their related technologies in Modern Antenna Handbook. Have access to current theories and practices in theExpand
Smart antennas for wireless communications
Over the last decade, there has been a growing interest in improving system capacity and increasing coverage area in wireless communications using smart antennas. Smart antenna technology is beingExpand
Uniform circular and rectangular arrays for adaptive beamforming applications
The performance of smart antennas with uniform circular arrays (UCAs) with symmetry provides UCAs a major advantage, the ability to scan a beam azimuthally through 360/spl deg/ with little change in either the beamwidth or the sidelobe level. Expand
Checkerboard EBG Surfaces for Wideband Radar Cross Section Reduction
Electromagnetic band-gap (EBG) structures have noteworthy electromagnetic characteristics that include their reflection phase variations with frequency. This paper applies this unique reflectionExpand
Smart-antenna systems for mobile communication networks. Part 1. Overview and antenna design
This paper focuses on the interaction and integration of several critical components of a mobile communication network using smart-antenna systems. This wireless network is composed of communicatingExpand