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Making Waves and Drawing Lines: The Politics of Defining the Vicissitudes of Feminism
If there actually is a third wave of feminism, it is too close to the second wave for its definition to be clear and uncontroversial, a fact which emphasizes the political nature of declaring theExpand
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We Are What We Eat: Feminist Vegetarianism and the Reproduction of Racial Identity
In this article, Bailey analyzes the relationship between ethical vegetarianism (or the claim that ethical vegetarianism is morally right for all people) and white racism (the claim that whiteExpand
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Unpacking the Mother/daughter Baggage: Reassessing Second- and Third-Wave Tensions
We want to use our newfound freedoms, and talk about them, and maybe even modify them a bit, but older feminists seem more concerned with just sitting on them, sticking blindly with a singleExpand
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Anna Julia Cooper: "Dedicated in the Name of My Slave Mother to the Education of Colored Working People"
The achievements of Anna Julia Cooper are extraordinary given her life circumstances. Driven by a desire Cooper called "a thumping within," she became a prominent educator, earned her Ph.D., andExpand
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Online Feminist Pedagogy: A New Doorway into Our Brick-and-Mortar Classrooms?
© 2019 by the board of trustees of the university of ill inois My own journey into online teaching began about a decade ago. As a midcareer feminist professor, I wasn’t pressured into it by dwindlingExpand
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On the Backs of Animals: The Valorization of Reason in Contemporary Animal Ethics
Despite the fact that feminists have compellingly drawn connections between traditional notions of reason and the oppression of women and nature, many animal ethicists fail to deeply incorporateExpand
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A Man and a Dog in a Lifeboat: Self-Sacrifice, Animals, and the Limits of Ethical Theory
In discussions of animal ethics, hypothetical scenarios are often used to try to force the clarification of intuitions about the relative value of human and animal life. Tom Regan requests, forExpand
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"Africa Begins at the Pyrenees": Moral Outrage, Hypocrisy, and the Spanish Bullfight
The long history of criticism directed at bullfighting usually suggests that there is something especially morally noxious about it. I analyze the claims that bullfighting is distinctively immoral,Expand
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The Tools of Women’s Studies and Philosophy: Critical Thinking in Writing Courses
Some of the most important lessons I learned from philosophy and women's studies are related to critical thinking. Work in analytic philosophy taught me how to better locate and reconstruct argumentsExpand
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