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Suicidal behaviors in homosexual and bisexual males.
A stratified random sample of 750 males in Calgary, Canada, aged 18-27 years, were given questions on sexual activity and orientation. Mental health questions included a measure of suicidality and of
On the prevalence of homosexuality and bisexuality, in a random community survey of 750 men aged 18 to 27.
A stratified random sample of 750 males aged 18 to 27 in Calgary, Canada included questions on sexual activity and orientation, and the elevated depression scores for celibate homosexual and heterosexual males permit various interpretations, but are not supportive of beliefs and related institutional policies recommending or requiring that young adult homosexual males be celibates.
Elevated rates of suicidal behavior in gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth.
Recent North American and New Zealand studies of large populations indicate that gay, lesbian, and bisexual adolescents (males in particular) can have rates of serious suicide attempts at least four times those of apparently heterosexual youth.
Managed moves: school and local authority staff perceptions of processes, success and challenges
The current research aimed to increase understanding of the processes of managed moves for children at risk of exclusion from school, particularly exploring what contributed to success and the nature
Young people’s and parent’s perceptions of managed moves
The current research aimed to increase understanding of the experiences of young people and their parents of managed moves, what contributed to success and the nature of the challenges experienced.
Criminality and violence in intra- and extra-familial child sex abusers in a 2-year cohort of convicted perpetrators
Men convicted of sexual abuse against children are an important but understudied population. In this study, based upon lifetime police records, of the criminality of convicted child sex abusers, we
Suicidal behaviour in gay, lesbian, and bisexual youth
This debate over the repeal of Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 should be enlightened by accumulating research on the development of sexual orientation in adolescence and the mental health consequences of growing up in a climate of homophobic intolerance.
Suicide and murder in child murderers and child sexual abusers
A better understanding of the child protection-forensic psychiatric interface could contribute to prevention of child homicide and suicide. Assailant rates in potential 'risk' groups (1986-95) and
The reduction of problem behaviours and school exclusion in at-risk youth: An experimental study of school social work with cost–benefit analyses.
Qualitative evaluations supported findings from stat-istical comparisons, suggesting that school social work can be effective in both preventing children coming into care and im-proving school climate and teacher morale.