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Biological Characterization of Marssonina coronaria Associated with Apple Blotch Disease
Abstract Marssonina coronaria associated with apple blotch disease causes severe premature defoliation, and is widely distributed in Korea. Thirteen isolates were collected from orchards located inExpand
Cobweb disease on Agaricus bisporus caused by Cladobotryum mycophilum in Korea
This report is the first of cobweb disease on Agaricus bisporus in Korea. Cobweb on both fruit bodies and casing soils were observed on several mushroom farms in Gyeongbuk Province, Korea. ClassicalExpand
Characterization of Species of Cladobotryum which Cause Cobweb Disease in Edible Mushrooms Grown in Korea
Four Cladobotryum isolates were collected from four different commercially grown mushroom types infected with cobweb disease in Cheongdo-gun and Chilgok-gun of Gyeongbuk Province, Korea in 2010. TheExpand
First report of a mixed infection of Youcai mosaic virus and Rehmannia mosaic virus in Rehmannia glutinosa in Korea
Rehmannia glutinosa Libosch (family Scrophulariaceae) is a traditional medicinal herb in Asia, including China, Korea, and Japan, for general purposes. The vegetative propagation of the plantExpand
Phyllody Phytoplasma infecting Sesame (Sesamum indicum) in Myanmar
Phyllody symptoms in sesame plants consisting of green leaf-like floral organs were collected from Yezin area, NayPyiTaw Division, Myanmar in January, 2010 and the etiological agent was investigated.Expand
Fungal load in Bradysia agrestis, a phytopathogen-transmitting insect vector
Larvae of Bradysia agrestis, a phytopathogen-transmitting insect vector in East Asia, were sampled from geographically (ecologically) segregated regions to identify their intestinal fungal flora. AExpand
Desert rose witches’ broom disease associated with ‘Candidatus Phytoplasma aurantifolia’
In March 2011, witches’ brooms comprising many small shoots were observed on desert rose plants, Adenium obesum, in PyinOoLwin, Myanmar. The causal agent of the symptomatic leaves was diagnosed as aExpand
Occurrence of bacterial rot of onion caused by Bacillus amyloliquefaciens in Korea
In 2008, bacterial rot on onion bulbs (Allium cepa L.) was observed in several low-temperature warehouses in Changnyeong-gun, Korea. The causal pathogen was isolated and identified as BacillusExpand
First Report of Fusarium subglutinans Causing Leaf Spot Disease on Cymbidium Orchids in Korea
Abstract In 2006~2010, leaf spot symptoms, that is, small, yellow spots that turned into dark brown-to-black lesions surrounded by a yellow halo, were observed on Cymbidium spp. in Gongju, Taean, andExpand