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Climate change and poverty : an integrated strategy for adaptation
Developing countries are most exposed to the impact of climate change and within these countries, the poor face the brunt of the burden. Climate change is not a discrete problem that can be dealtExpand
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A new Generation of Real-Time Earthquake Exhibits for Museums
Climate Change and Civil Violence
Multi‐Use seismic stations offer strong deterrent to clandestine nuclear weapons testing
As the United States and other nations push for the signing of a Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, representatives are meeting in Geneva this year to develop an International Seismic Monitoring SystemExpand
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Monitoring the comprehensive Test Ban Treaty: Possible ambiguities due to meteorite impacts
For seismic magnitudes in the range of monitoring interest for the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, hypervelocity meteorite impacts will be detected about once every decade. Such detections could causeExpand
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Next Generation of Earthquake Exhibits for Museums
Earthquakes in Museums
For the last fifteen years, the National Science Foundation and the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) along with other federal agencies, private foundations, and universities have invested close to $100Expand
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