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Stock Price Prediction Using the ARIMA Model
Results obtained revealed that the ARIMA model has a strong potential for short-term prediction and can compete favourably with existing techniques for stock price prediction. Expand
Comparison of ARIMA and Artificial Neural Networks Models for Stock Price Prediction
This paper examines the forecasting performance of ARIMA and artificial neural networks model with published stock data obtained from New York Stock Exchange to reveal the superiority of Neural networks model over ARimA model. Expand
The burden of road traffic crashes, injuries and deaths in Africa: a systematic review and meta-analysis
The burden of road traffic injury and death is high in Africa and since registry-based reports underestimate the burden, a systematic collation of road Traffic Injury and death data is needed to determine the true burden. Expand
An Estimate of the Incidence of Prostate Cancer in Africa: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Effective cancer registration and extensive research are vital to appropriately quantifying PCa burden in Africa and the findings may further assist at identifying relevant gaps, and contribute to improving knowledge, research, and interventions targeted at prostate cancer in Africa. Expand
Stock Price Prediction using Neural Network with Hybridized Market Indicators
Stock prediction with data mining techniques is one of the most important issues in finance being investigated by researchers across the globe. Data mining techniques can be used extensively in theExpand
E-banking users’ behaviour: e-service quality, attitude, and customer satisfaction
Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to investigate factors affecting e-banking usage based on electronic service (e-service) quality, attitude and customer satisfaction.Expand
Implementation of an Intelligent Course Advisory Expert System
This work presents the design and implementation of an intelligent Course Advisory Expert System (CAES) that uses a combination of rule based reasoning and case based reasoning to recommend courses that a student should register in a specific semester, by making recommendation based on the student’s academic history. Expand
The Prospects of E-Examination Implementation in Nigeria
The massive examination leakages, demand for gratification by teachers, bribe-taking by supervisors and invigilators of examinations have become a global phenomenon. This menace has resulted toExpand
Empirical study of user acceptance of online political participation: Integrating Civic Voluntarism Model and Theory of Reasoned Action
Findings reveal the imperative of democratic political culture orientation of ordinary citizens in developing positive attitude towards the acceptance and use of e-democracy system while political awareness, political efficacy, and recruitment networks are found to be significant predictors of intention to use e- democracy. Expand
NIGEDU CLOUD: Model of a National e-Education Cloud for Developing Countries.
Abstract To achieve global competitiveness, governments in developing countries are evolving and implementing information technology policies, to enable their countries participate in the current ICTExpand