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Gene and Protein Expression in the Epididymis of Infertile c-ros Receptor Tyrosine Kinase-Deficient Mice1
Abstract Transgenic male mice bearing inactive mutations of the receptor tyrosine kinase c-ros lack the initial segment of the epididymis and are infertile. Several techniques were applied toExpand
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Sodium-Inorganic Phosphate Cotransporter NaPi-IIb in the Epididymis and Its Potential Role in Male Fertility Studied in a Transgenic Mouse Model1
Abstract Analysis by cDNA microarrays showed that in the murine epididymis, NaPi-IIb was the predominantly expressed epithelial isoform of the sodium-inorganic phosphate cotransporter and wasExpand
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Development of the caput epididymidis studied by expressed proteins (a glutamate transporter, a lipocalin and β-galactosidase) in the c-ros knockout and wild-type mice with prepubertally ligated
AbstractExpression of a glutamate transporter (EAAC1), a lipocalin (MEP17) and β-galactosidase (β-Gal) in histological sections was used to monitor post-natal development of the murine epididymis.Expand
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Regulation of the initial segment of the murine epididymis by dihydrotestosterone and testicular exocrine secretions studied by expression of specific proteins and gene expression
The murine caput epididymidis responded to deprivation of luminal fluid from the testis by regression of the initial segment but maintenance of the adjacent proximal and distal caput regions, asExpand
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