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Dynamic bandwidth allocation for quality-of-service over Ethernet PONs
Ethernet-based passive optical network (EPON) technology is being considered as a promising solution for next-generation broadband access networks due to the convergence of low-cost EthernetExpand
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Disruption-Tolerant Networking: A Comprehensive Survey on Recent Developments and Persisting Challenges
Nowadays, wireless networks are witnessing several deployments in various extreme environments where they suffer from different levels of link disruptions depending on the severity of the operatingExpand
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Fiber-wireless (FiWi) access networks: A survey
This article provides an up-to-date survey of hybrid fiber-wireless (FiWi) access networks that leverage on the respective strengths of optical and wireless technologies and converge them seamlessly.Expand
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Delay-Aware Scheduling and Resource Optimization With Network Function Virtualization
To accelerate the implementation of network functions/middle boxes and reduce the deployment cost, recently, the concept of network function virtualization (NFV) has emerged and become a topic ofExpand
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Communication security for smart grid distribution networks
The operation and control of the next generation electrical grids will depend on a complex network of computers, software, and communication technologies. Being compromised by a malicious adversaryExpand
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A Simple Free-Flow Traffic Model for Vehicular Intermittently Connected Networks
The performance of vehicular data networks (VDNs) is highly dependent on vehicular traffic. Existing studies on VDNs consider custom-developed traffic models that mimic real-life vehicular trafficExpand
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On the fairness of dynamic bandwidth allocation schemes in Ethernet passive optical networks
Ethernet passive optical networks (EPONs) technology has emerged as a promising candidate for next-generation broadband access networks. As this technology evolves, the development of efficientExpand
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Intra-ONU bandwidth scheduling in Ethernet passive optical networks
Quality-of-service (QoS) support in Ethernet passive optical networks (EPON) is a crucial concern. However, most studies have only focused on optical line terminal (OLT) capacity allocation amongstExpand
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A Reliability-Aware Network Service Chain Provisioning With Delay Guarantees in NFV-Enabled Enterprise Datacenter Networks
Traditionally, service-specific network functions (NFs) (e.g., Firewall, intrusion detection system, etc.) are executed by installation-and maintenance-costly hardware middleboxes that are deployedExpand
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A simple dynamic integrated provisioning/protection scheme in IP over WDM networks
This article presents a simple integrated provisioning/protection scheme to dynamically allocate restorable bandwidth guaranteed paths in IP over WDM networks. A guaranteed restorable path impliesExpand
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