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Understanding the effect of superhydrophobic coatings on energy reduction in anti-icing systems
Abstract In the development of anti/de-icing systems for aeronautics, wind turbines or telecommunication antennas to date, less attention is paid to coating strategies. The majority of studiesExpand
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On the nanoengineering of superhydrophobic and impalement resistant surface textures below the freezing temperature.
The superhydrophobic behavior of nano- and microtextured surfaces leading to rebound of impacting droplets is of great relevance to nature and technology. It is not clear however, if and under whatExpand
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Drop collisions with simple and complex surfaces
Abstract Drop impact onto surfaces has long been a popular and important subject of experimental, numerical and theoretical studies to explain phenomena observed both in nature and in manyExpand
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Investigation of ice shedding properties of superhydrophobic coatings on helicopter blades
The state-of-the-art of icing protection systems for helicopter rotor blades is based on active thermal de-icing systems that require large amounts of power. This work focused on assessing theExpand
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Supercooled water drops impacting superhydrophobic textures.
Understanding the interaction of supercooled metastable water with superhydrophobic surface textures is of fundamental significance for unraveling the mechanisms of icing as well as of practicalExpand
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VOF simulations of the contact angle dynamics during the drop spreading: standard models and a new wetting force model.
INTRODUCTION In this study,a novel numerical implementation for the adhesion of liquid droplets impacting normally on solid dry surfaces is presented. The advantage of this new approach, compared toExpand
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Physics of icing and rational design of surfaces with extraordinary icephobicity.
Icing of surfaces is commonplace in nature and technology, affecting everyday life and sometimes causing catastrophic events. Understanding (and counteracting) surface icing brings with itExpand
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Drop impact and wettability: From hydrophilic to superhydrophobic surfaces
Experiments to understand the effect of surface wettability on impact characteristics of water drops onto solid dry surfaces were conducted. Various surfaces were used to cover a wide range ofExpand
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Water drops dancing on ice: how sublimation leads to drop rebound.
Drop rebound is a spectacular event that appears after impact on hydrophobic or superhydrophobic surfaces but can also be induced through the so-called Leidenfrost effect. Here we demonstrate thatExpand
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Understanding the drop impact phenomenon on soft PDMS substrates
The dynamics of water droplets impacting on a soft dry substrate was studied experimentally. Both the drop evolution (i.e. spreading, recoiling, as well as oscillations) upon impact on a soft gelExpand
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