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Mixtures of Dirichlet Processes with Applications to Bayesian Nonparametric Problems
process. This paper extends Ferguson's result to cases where the random measure is a mixing distribution for a parameter which determines the distribution from which observations are made. TheExpand
A distribution-free sequential probability-ratio test for multiple-resolution-element radars (Corresp.)
A distribution-free procedure applicable to the detection of a signal in some element of a multiple-resolution-element radar that is applicable to either a sequential or fixed-sample-size test; however, emphasis is placed on the sequential procedure. Expand
A Practical Distribution-Free Detection Procedure for Multiple-Range-Bin Radars
A distribution-free detection procedure for a multiplerange-bin radar is described. This procedure is based on the ranks of observations, but does not require elaborate equipment for rapidly rankingExpand
Symmetry Limitations to Polarization of Polycrystalline Ferroelectrics
The general integral for the determination of the average resultant polarization P in the direction of the applied polarizing electric field is evaluated under the assumption that the spontaneousExpand
Dielectric properties of polycrystalline barium trititanate and barium tetratitanate
Abstract : Titanates of the BaO-TiO2 system were investigated for ferroelectric and dielectric properties. (Author)
United States Patent to Antoniak DISTRIBUTION-FREE FILTER Inventor :
DISTRIBUTION-FREE FILTER Inventor: Charles E. Antoniak, Berkeley, Calif. Assignee: The United States of America as represented by the Secretary of the Navy, Washington, D.C. Filed: Sept. 29, 1975Expand
A measure of effectiveness for sensors and strategies
A possible measure of effectiveness for information sensing equipment, such as radar or sonar, based on its ability to provide information, is discussed, illustrated by an exact analysis of a gambling problem and a qualitative treatment of an anti-missile missile allocation problem. Expand