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Collective Knowledge Communication and Innovation: The Evidence of Technological Districts
ANTONELLI C. (2000) Collective knowledge communication and innovation: the evidence of technological districts, Reg. Studies 34 , 535-547. Technological knowledge is a collective good in that its
Models of knowledge and systems of governance
  • C. Antonelli
  • Political Science
    Journal of Institutional Economics
  • 27 May 2005
The analysis of the main features of knowledge, in terms of domain, characteristics and processes makes it possible to trace significant shifts in the economics of knowledge. Changing emphasis about
microdynamics of technological change
I. Introduction, Part 1: The Theory, II. Path-Dependance in Industrial Economics and the Economics of Innovation, III. The New Economics of Knowledge, IV. The Dyamics of Localized Technological
The Business Governance of Localized Knowledge: An Information Economics Approach for the Economics of Knowledge
Information economics provides important tools to articulate an economics analysis of the governance mechanisms for the generation and exploitation of localized technological knowledge. A variety of
Localized technological change, new information technology and the knowledge-based economy: The European evidence
Empirical analyses, based on input/output statistics of the European economy in the second half of 1980's, demonstrate the existence of a correlation between the usage of business and communication services and confirm their high output elasticity.
The economics of innovation: from the classical legacies to the economics of complexity
During the last 40 years, economics of innovation has emerged as a distinct area of enquiry at the crossing of the economics of growth, industrial organization, regional economics and the theory of
Knowledge Complementarity and Fungeability: Implications for Regional Strategy
A NTONELLI C. (2003) Knowledge complementarity and fungeability: implications for regional strategy, Reg. Studies 37 , 595-606. Complexity and fungeability are two specific aspects of knowledge