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Chromium accumulation and changes in plant growth, selected phenolics and sugars of wild type and genetically modified Nicotiana langsdorffii.
Chromium accumulation, dry weight (DW) biomass yield, water content and concentrations of some selected phenolic compounds and carbohydrates were determined in root and shoot of NicotianaExpand
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Determination of phthalate diesters and monoesters in human milk and infant formula by fat extraction, size‐exclusion chromatography clean‐up and gas chromatography‐mass spectrometry detection
Graphical abstract Figure. No Caption available. HighlightsA method for the analysis of phthalate diesters and monoesters in milk is proposed.Phthalate monoesters and diesters were analysed inExpand
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Effects of environmental factors on seed germination and seedling establishment in bilberry (Vaccinium myrtillus L.).
Abstract The bilberry ( Vaccinium myrtillus L.) is a spontaneous dwarf shrub with potential for national and international markets due to food and medicinal uses of its fruits, being considered anExpand
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Liquid chromatographic/electrospray ionization quadrupole/time of flight tandem mass spectrometric study of polyphenolic composition of different Vaccinium berry species and their comparative
Ultra-high-performance liquid chromatography coupled with high-resolution quadrupole-time of flight mass spectrometry with both negative and positive ionization was used for comprehensivelyExpand
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Polyphenolic profiles and antioxidant and antiradical activity of Italian berries from Vaccinium myrtillus L. and Vaccinium uliginosum L. subsp. gaultherioides (Bigelow) S.B. Young.
Total soluble polyphenols (TSP), total monomeric anthocyanins (TMA), radical scavenging activity (RSA), ferric reducing antioxidant power (FRAP), and a number of anthocyanins, phenolic acids,Expand
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Innovative combination of QuEChERS extraction with on-line solid-phase extract purification and pre-concentration, followed by liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry for the determination of
For the first time QuEChERS extraction of sewage sludge was combined with the automatic solid-phase pre-concentration and purification of the extract (following indicated as SPE) and LC-MS/MSExpand
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Liquid chromatographic-tandem mass spectrometric method for the simultaneous determination of alkylphenols polyethoxylates, alkylphenoxy carboxylates and alkylphenols in wastewater and surface-water.
Four different pellicular stationary phases (i.e. octadecylsilane, octasilane, Phenyl-Hexyl and pentafluorophenyl) were investigated for the chromatographic resolution of alkylphenols (APs),Expand
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Evaluation of different QuEChERS procedures for the recovery of selected drugs and herbicides from soil using LC coupled with UV and pulsed amperometry for their detection
AbstractSeven quick, easy, cheap, effective, rugged and safe (QuEChERS)-based procedures, differing in both the extraction and clean-up steps, were investigated for the recovery of bentazone (BTZ),Expand
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Fully automated on-line solid phase extraction coupled to liquid chromatography–tandem mass spectrometry for the simultaneous analysis of alkylphenol polyethoxylates and their carboxylic and phenolic
AbstractThree different sorbents (i.e. endcapped octadecylsilane, octasilane and styrene-N-vinylpiperidinone co-polymer) were investigated in order to develop an on-line solid phase extraction–liquidExpand
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Changes in polyphenol and sugar concentrations in wild type and genetically modified Nicotiana langsdorffii Weinmann in response to water and heat stress.
In this study wild type Nicotiana langsdorffii plants were genetically transformed by the insertion of the rat gene (gr) encoding the glucocorticoid receptor or the rolC gene and exposed to water andExpand
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