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Spatiotemporal brain dynamics during preparatory set shifting: MEG evidence
Humans can flexibly alter a plan of action to adjust their behavior adaptively in changing environments. Functional neuroimaging has shown distinct patterns of activation across a frontoparietalExpand
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Focal temporoparietal slow activity in Alzheimer’s disease revealed by magnetoencephalography
BACKGROUND Patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease exhibit more activity in the conventional electroencephalographic delta and theta bands. This activity concurs with atrophy and reducedExpand
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Spanish Language Mapping Using MEG: A Validation Study
The purpose of the present study was to compare magnetoencephalography (MEG) data with the results of the intracarotid amytal procedure (IAP). Twenty-one native Spanish-speaking patients withExpand
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Spatio-temporal patterns of brain magnetic activity during a memory task in Alzheimer's disease
The brain magnetic activity patterns in a high load probe-letter (targets and distractors) memory task were examined in patients with Alzheimers's disease (AD) and elderly controls. Control subjectsExpand
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Task-specific sensory and motor preparatory activation revealed by contingent magnetic variation.
The present report studied the magnetic counterpart (CMV) of the auditory contingent negative variation (CNV). The ear where the target auditory stimulus would be presented was cued with a visualExpand
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Analysis of Gamma-Band Activity from Human EEG Using Empirical Mode Decomposition
The purpose of this paper is to determine whether gamma-band activity detection is improved when a filter, based on empirical mode decomposition (EMD), is added to the pre-processing block ofExpand
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Correlations of hippocampal atrophy and focal low-frequency magnetic activity in Alzheimer disease: volumetric MR imaging-magnetoencephalographic study.
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Patients with Alzheimer disease (AD) have more low-frequency activity on conventional EEG and increased focal magnetoencephalographic (MEG) dipole density (DD) in delta andExpand
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Do cognitive patterns of brain magnetic activity correlate with hippocampal atrophy in Alzheimer’s disease?
Background: Many reports support the clinical validity of volumetric MRI measurements in Alzheimer’s disease. Objective: To integrate functional brain imaging data derived from magnetoencephalographyExpand
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Time modulated prefrontal and parietal activity during the maintenance of integrated information as revealed by magnetoencephalography.
Using magnetoencephalography, we investigated the spatiotemporal patterns of brain magnetic activity responsible for maintaining verbal and spatial information in either an integrated or anExpand
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Modulation of brain magnetic activity by different verbal learning strategies
In this study we examined spatiotemporal profiles of brain activity in the context of tasks designed to engage different verbal learning strategies (serial order, phonological, and semantic). TheExpand
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