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Temporal and among-site variability of inherent water-use efficiency at the ecosystem level
Half-hourly measurements of the net exchanges of carbon dioxide and water vapor between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere provide estimates of gross primary production (GPP) andExpand
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Global Convergence in the Temperature Sensitivity of Respiration at Ecosystem Level
Carbon Cycle and Climate Change As climate change accelerates, it is important to know the likely impact of climate change on the carbon cycle (see the Perspective by Reich). Gross primary productionExpand
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The carbon budget of newly established temperate grassland depends on management intensity
Abstract The carbon exchange of managed temperate grassland, previously converted from arable rotation, was quantified for two levels of management intensities over a period of 3 years. The originalExpand
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Eddy covariance flux measurements of biogenic VOCs during ECHO 2003 using proton transfer reaction mass spectrometry
Abstract. Within the framework of the AFO 2000 project ECHO, two PTR-MS instruments were operated in combination with sonic anemometers to determine biogenic VOC fluxes from a mixed deciduous forestExpand
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Assessment of the nitrogen and carbon budget of two managed temperate grassland fields
Abstract Greenhouse gas budgets as well as the productivity of grassland systems are closely related to the carbon (C) and nitrogen (N) cycles. Within the framework of the CarboEurope and NitroEuropeExpand
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Seasonal variation of ozone deposition to a tropical rain forest in southwest Amazonia
Within the project EU ropean S tudies on T race gases and A tmospheric CH emistry as a contribution to L arge-scale B iosphere-atmosphere experiment in A mazonia (LBA-EUSTACH), we performedExpand
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Summertime elemental mercury exchange of temperate grasslands on an ecosystem-scale.
In order to estimate the air-surface mercury exchange of grasslands in temperate climate regions, fluxes of gaseous elemental mercury (GEM) were measured at two sites in Switzerland and one inExpand
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Technical note: Water vapour concentration and flux measurements with PTR-MS
The most direct approach for measuring the ex- change of biogenic volatile organic compounds between ter- restrial ecosystems and the atmosphere is the eddy covari- ance technique. It has beenExpand
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Far-red sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence shows ecosystem-specific relationships to gross primary production: An assessment based on observational and modeling approaches
Abstract Sun-induced chlorophyll fluorescence (SIF) is a radiation flux emitted from chlorophyll molecules and is considered an indicator of the actual functional state of plant photosynthesis. TheExpand
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Experimental assessment of N2O background fluxes in grassland systems
In the absence of, or between, fertilization events in agricultural systems, soils are generally assumed to emit N2O at a small rate, often described as the ‘background’ flux. In contrast, net uptakeExpand
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