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Reward encoding in the monkey anterior cingulate cortex.
The anterior cingulate cortex (ACC) is known to play a crucial role in the fast adaptations of behavior based on immediate reward values. What is less certain is whether the ACC is also involved inExpand
Anterior cingulate error‐related activity is modulated by predicted reward
Learning abilities depend on detection and exploitation of errors. In primates, this function involves the anterior cingulate cortex. However, whether anterior cingulate error‐related activityExpand
Local Morphology Predicts Functional Organization of the Dorsal Premotor Region in the Human Brain
A confusing picture of the functional organization of the dorsal premotor region of the human brain emerged when functional neuroimaging studies that either examined visuomotor hand conditionalExpand
Anatomical organization of the eye fields in the human and non-human primate frontal cortex
There are several eye fields in the primate frontal cortex. The number and location of these oculomotor control zones remain controversial, especially in the human brain. In the monkey, the frontalExpand
Neuroimaging evidence of the anatomo-functional organization of the human cingulate motor areas.
In the monkey, 3 motor areas have been identified in the cortex occupying the banks of the cingulate sulcus (cgs): A rostral cingulate motor area and 2 caudal cingulate motor areas, 1 located in theExpand
Selective involvement of the mid-dorsolateral prefrontal cortex in the coding of the serial order of visual stimuli in working memory
  • C. Amiez, M. Petrides
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences
  • 21 August 2007
There is evidence that the primate prefrontal cortex is involved in the monitoring of the order in which stimuli occur. The prefrontal cortical areas, however, involved in the capacity of the humanExpand
The Location of Feedback-Related Activity in the Midcingulate Cortex Is Predicted by Local Morphology
Information processing in the medial frontal cortex is often said to be modulated in pathological conditions or by individual traits. This has been observed in neuroimaging and event-relatedExpand
Reward anticipation, cognition, and electrodermal activity in the conditioned monkey
In the present report, we examine electrodermal activity (skin conductance responses, SCRs) in monkeys trained to perform target-selection (TS) tests. In each test, the animal was presented inExpand
The effects of sequence structure and reward schedule on serial reaction time learning in the monkey.
This research tests the hypothesis that sequence learning performance in non-human primates will be modulated both by the structure of the sequences to be learned and by the schedule of rewardExpand
Midcingulate Motor Map and Feedback Detection: Converging Data from Humans and Monkeys.
The functional and anatomical organization of the cingulate cortex across primate species is the subject of considerable and often confusing debate. The functions attributed to the midcingulateExpand