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Towards intercultural communicative competence in ELT
This article questions the validity of the pedagogic model based on the native speaker-based notion of communicative competence. With its standardized native speaker norms, the model is found to beExpand
Target-language culture in EFL materials
Expressing and interpreting meanings in a given language involves two types of knowledge. Systemic knowledge refers to the forma/properties of language, comprising its syntactic and semantic aspects.Expand
Cultural familiarity in inferential and literal comprehension in L2 reading
The results demonstrate that the nativization of a short story from the target language culture facilitates L2 readers’ inferential comprehension significantly, yet does not affect their literal understanding, contrary to the commonly held assumption that an interface exists. Expand
The role of L1 and L2 working memory in literal and inferential comprehension in L2 reading
Reading span as a measure of L1 or L2 working memory capacity is shown to be related to L2 reading comprehension. Albeit limited, there is research on the relationship between both L1 and L2 readingExpand
Assessing the relationship of working memory to L2 reading: Does the nature of comprehension process and reading span task make a difference?
Abstract Although an important role has been ascribed to working-memory capacity in reading comprehension, little consensus exists on its conceptualization, operationalization, and measurement exceptExpand
Research on foreign language teaching and learning in Turkey (2005–2009)
This is an overview of research on applied linguistics and foreign language education in Turkey, surveying nearly 130 studies from the period 2005–2009. Following a brief presentation of the historyExpand
Effects of Working Memory Capacity and Content Familiarity on Literal and Inferential Comprehension in L2 Reading
This study examines the effects of working memory capacity and content familiarity on literal and inferential comprehension in second language (L2) reading. Participants were 62 Turkish universityExpand
The explicit/implicit knowledge distinction and working memory: Implications for second-language reading comprehension
ABSTRACT Following an extensive overview of the subject, this study explores the relationships between second-language (L2) explicit/implicit knowledge sources, embedded in the declarative/proceduralExpand
Field dependence-independence and hemisphericity as variables in L2 achievement
Following an extensive review of the literature, this study explores the relationship between L2 achievement and two learner characteristics - field dependence-independence and hemisphericity.Expand