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The gendering of victimhood: Western media and the Sinjar genocide
This article adopts a gender perspective on war, problematising media attention on Yezidi women since the attacks by ISIS. Sinjari Yezidis’ narratives/subjectivities since 2014 are silenced inExpand
The Yezidi Oral Tradition in Iraqi Kurdistan
The Yezidis are a Kurdish-speaking religious minority, neither Muslim, Christian nor Jewish. Their ethnicity has been disputed, but most now claim Kurdish identity. Their heartland, including theirExpand
Addressivity and the Monument: Memorials, Publics and the Yezidis of Armenia
This article examines the relationship between monuments and publics, using Karin Barber’s model of how texts interact with publics, which draws on the Bakhtinian notion of addressivity. TwoExpand
Connected at any Cost: Adolescent Developmental Needs and Online Relationship Formation
The purpose of this chapter (and indeed this book) is to explore relationships among adolescent development and the use of Internet technologies that influence the formation of online relationships.Expand
Kurdish Culture and Identity
List of Contributors Introduction - Philip G. Kreyenbroek and Christine Allison 1. The Kurds: Current Position and Historical Background - Kendal Nezan 2. Kurdish Written Literature - Joyce Blau 3.Expand
Constraints to UPE: More than a question of supply?
Abstract The traditional approach to universal primary education (UPE) in developing countries has emphasised supply factors of schooling systems, such as the construction of schools and teacherExpand
Labor Markets in Transition in Central and Eastern Europe: 1989-1995
Persistent unemployment has emerged as one of the most critical outcomes of transition from socialism in Central and Eastern Europe. High unemployment rates, including a growing proportion ofExpand