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Ecological Resilience, Biodiversity, and Scale
ABSTRACT We describe existing models of the relationship between species diversity and ecological function, and propose a conceptual model that relates species richness, ecological resilience, andExpand
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Adaptive management for a turbulent future.
The challenges that face humanity today differ from the past because as the scale of human influence has increased, our biggest challenges have become global in nature, and formerly local problemsExpand
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The Use of Discontinuities and Functional Groups to Assess Relative Resilience in Complex Systems
We propose that the determination of discontinuities, and the quantification of function both within and across scales, produce relative measures of resilience in ecological and other systems. Expand
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Pathology and failure in the design and implementation of adaptive management.
The conceptual underpinnings for adaptive management are simple; there will always be inherent uncertainty and unpredictability in the dynamics and behavior of complex ecological systems as a resultExpand
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Patterns in body mass distributions: sifting among alternative hypotheses.
Understanding how animals interact with their environment is critical for evaluating, mitigating and coping with anthropogenic alteration of Earth's biosphere. Researchers have attempted toExpand
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Trends and Directions in Environmental Justice : From Inequity to Everyday Life , Community , and Just Sustainabilities
This article begins with a review and synthesis of some of the key theories, scholars, case examples, debates, methods, and (multiple) interpretations of environmental justice (EJ), as well as itsExpand
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Red Imported Fire Ant Impacts on Wildlife: A Decade of Research
Abstract The negative impacts of biological invasion are economically and ecologically significant and, while incompletely quantified, they are clearly substantial. Ants (family Formicidae) are anExpand
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Red Imported Fire Ant Impacts on Northern Bobwhite Populations
The stability of Northern Bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) populations in Texas, where high density polygyne red imported fire ants (Solenopsis invicta) account for >50% of all (S. invicta) colonies,Expand
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Quantifying spatial resilience
We review the history and current status of spatial resilience in the research literature, introduce additional elements of a spatial analytical approach to understanding resilience, present a framework for resilience operationalization and provide an overview of critical knowledge and technology gaps. Expand
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