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Fine-Scale Structure Analysis Shows Epidemic Patterns of Clonal Complex 95, a Cosmopolitan Escherichia coli Lineage Responsible for Extraintestinal Infection
Although CC95 strains appeared globally as pandemic, fine-scale structure analysis shows epidemic patterns of the CC95 subgroups, which indicates that although strains belonging to CC95 may be cosmopolitan, human movement patterns have been insufficient to homogenize the distribution of theCC95 sub groups.
Temporal variation of microbiological and chemical quality of noncarbonated bottled drinking water sold in Sri Lanka.
The results of this study show the need for the bottling industry to be monitored closely by relevant authorities, in order to provide safe bottled drinking water to consumers in Sri Lanka.
The Role of Pre-formed Antifungal Substances in the Resistance of Fruits to Postharvest Pathogens
Lipoxygenase activity increases during fruit ripening, while epicatechin levels decline, suggesting that these events are linked to the decrease in di-ene concentrations, which results in retention of antifungal di-enes during ripening increasing fruit resistance.
Key Words: Agro-well, sustainable irrigation, water shortage, well dimension Doi:10.4038/jnsfsr.v30i3-4.2498 J. Natn. Sci. Foundation Sri Lanka 2002 30(3&4): 89-95
Retention of latex at harvest, enhanced mango (Mangifera indica L.) fruit resistance and reduced anthracnose and stem-end rot
A significant reduction in the incidence and severity of anthracnose and the stem-end rot (SER) development during ripening in cultivars susceptible to the two respective diseases is shown.
Pseudomonas aeruginosa in bottled drinking water in Sri Lanka: a potential health hazard
Strict regulations and regular monitoring of bottling plants are recommended in order to supply safe and acceptable bottled drinking water to the Sri Lankan market since P. aeruginosa is an indicator of inferior water quality.
Effect of co-culturing of cellulolytic fungal isolates for degradation of lignocellulosic material
This study intended to compare the efficiency of fungal monocultures and co-cultures in the simultaneous delignification and saccharification of kitchen waste and Eichhornia crassipes in order to
Role of Antifungal Gallotannins, Resorcinols and Chitinases in the Constitutive Defence of Immature Mango (Mangifera indica L.) against Colletotrichum gloeosporioides
The evidence suggests that the resistance of unripe mango to C. gloeosporioides is because of an elaborate constitutive defence system comprising antifungal resorcinols, gallotannins and chitinases.