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Malignant pleural mesothelioma: a disease unaffected by current therapeutic maneuvers.
From 1965 to 1985, 262 patients with malignant pleural mesothelioma were treated with cytostatics only; radiotherapy (RT); RT and cytostatics; or decortication plus RT plus cytostatics. The medianExpand
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Increased levels of autoantibodies to cardiolipin and oxidised low density lipoprotein are inversely associated with plasma vitamin C status in cigarette smokers.
In this study we have measured circulating levels of autoantibodies to cardiolipin and oxidised low-density lipoprotein (ox-LDL) and correlated these with plasma concentrations of the anti-oxidantExpand
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Serological markers of hepatitis B virus and certain other viruses in the population of eastern Caprivi, Namibia.
Serum samples from 475 male and 420 female subjects from the population of eastern Caprivi, the north-easternmost territory in northern Namibia, were examined for the presence of hepatitis B surfaceExpand
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Prevalence of otitis media in a Venda village.
During mid-winter in 1985, 263 children and 217 adults from a remote rural community in Venda, were examined for the presence of middle ear lesions by: pneumatic otoscopic examination; tympanometry;Expand
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Investigation of the effects of oral administration of vitamin E and beta-carotene on the chemiluminescence responses and the frequency of sister chromatid exchanges in circulating leukocytes from
Sixty asymptomatic cigarette smokers were randomly allocated into three treatment groups. Smokers in Group 1 received 900 international units of Vitamin E (VE) daily for 6 wk, whereas 40 mg ofExpand
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Vitamin E, pulmonary functions, and phagocyte-mediated oxidative stress in smokers and nonsmokers.
Relationships among the plasma levels of vitamin E (VE), the numbers and prooxidative activities of circulating phagocytes, serum alpha-1-protease inhibitor (API), and pulmonary functions wereExpand
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The effect of a long-term exercise programme on the rheumatoid hand.
Forty-four female patients with sero-positive active RA participated in a 48-month trial to assess the effect of simple hand exercises. Twenty-two patients in the test group were given a dailyExpand
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Prevalence of hepatitis virus and some arbovirus infections in Kavango, northern SWA/Namibia.
A survey of the frequency of hepatitis B markers in 258 subjects from Kavango, northern South West Africa/Namibia, was undertaken during February - May 1983. The hepatitis B surface antigen andExpand
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Health effects of passive smoking in adolescent children.
OBJECTIVE AND DESIGN To study the effects of passive smoking on health in adolescent schoolchildren by questionnaire, spirometry and laboratory investigations. SETTING Two schools in theExpand
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A new multiple sclerosis epidemic? A pilot survey.
There may be an increasing incidence of multiple sclerosis in South Africa. All newly-diagnosed white Afrikaans-speaking patients from the Pretoria area were examined over a 12-month period and 5 newExpand
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