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Fucoidans from the brown seaweed Adenocystis utricularis: extraction methods, antiviral activity and structural studies.
The brown seaweed Adenocystis utricularis (family Adenocystaceae, order Ectocarpales sensu lato) was extracted in parallel with three solvents usually utilized for obtaining fucoidans: distilledExpand
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Composition and functional properties of enriched fiber products obtained from pumpkin (Cucurbita moschata Duchesne ex Poiret)
Abstract Enriched fiber products were obtained through ethanolic extraction of pumpkin ( Cucurbita moschata Duchesne ex Poiret) mesocarp (AIR) or milled peel (C) or by drying of mesocarp (P). TheExpand
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Cell-wall glucans of Cryptococcus neoformans Cap 67.
Purified cell walls derived from Cryptococcus neofromans Cap 67, an acapsular mutant, consisted of 86% Glc and 7.3% GlcNAc. The integrity of the cell walls was disrupted in three successiveExpand
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The system of xylogalactans from the red seaweed Jania rubens (Corallinales, Rhodophyta).
The main acidic polysaccharides from the red seaweed Jania rubens share the general characteristics of corallinans (agar-like xylogalactans). After fractionation by ion-exchange chromatography, tenExpand
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Antiviral properties of fucoidan fractions from Leathesia difformis.
Three fractions of fucoidans isolated from the brown seaweed Leathesia difformis (Ee, Ec and Ea) were found to be selective antiviral agents against herpes simplex virus (HSV) types 1 and 2 and humanExpand
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High-field NMR spectroscopy of cystocarpic and tetrasporic carrageenans from Iridaea undulosa
Abstract High-field 1 H and 13 C NMR spectroscopy has been used to characterize the fine structure of the cystocarpic and tetrasporic carrageenans from Iridaea undulosa . The proportion of differentExpand
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Compositional changes in 'Bartlett' pear ( Pyrus communis L.) cell wall polysaccharides as affected by sunlight conditions.
Preharvest conditions can have a great impact on fruit quality attributes and postharvest responses. Firmness is an important quality attribute in pear, and excessive softening increasesExpand
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The systems of carrageenans from cystocarpic and tetrasporic stages from Iridaea undulosa: fractionation with potassium chloride and methylation analysis of the fractions
Abstract The carrageenans produced by the cystocarpic and tetrasporic stages from Iridaea undulosa were fractionated by potassium chloride precipitation and analyzed. The cystocarpic system isExpand
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The system of fucoidans from the brown seaweed Dictyota dichotoma: chemical analysis and antiviral activity.
Room-temperature acid (pH 2) extraction of Dictyota dichotoma thalli yielded 2.2% of sulfated polysaccharides. Further extraction with the same solvent at 70°C was conducted sequentially for nineExpand
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