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Madison v. Hamilton: The Battle Over Republicanism and the Role of Public Opinion
  • C. A. Sheehan
  • Political Science
  • American Political Science Review
  • 1 August 2004
This article examines the causes of the dispute between James Madison and Alexander Hamilton in the early 1790s. Though Hamilton initially believed that Madison's opposition to the FederalistExpand
The Politics of Public Opinion: James Madison's "Notes on Government"
N _o one of America's Founders has engendered as much confusion and controversy among historians and political scientists as James Madison. The question that is most perplexing concerns his theory ofExpand
Madison and the French Enlightenment: The Authority of Public Opinion
N 1791-1792 James Madison published at least nineteen unsigned articles in Philip Freneau's National Gazette, a Philadelphia newspaper that he and Thomas Jefferson had recently helped to establish inExpand
James Madison and the Spirit of Republican Self-Government
1. Republican opposition 2. The Federalist agenda 3. Madison and the French Enlightenment 4. The commerce of ideas 5. Madison and Jefferson: an appeal to the people 6. The spirit of republicanExpand
Friends of the Constitution : writings of the "other" Federalists, 1787-1788
There were many writers other than John Jay, James Madison, and Alexander Hamilton who, in 1787 and 1788, argued for the Constitutions ratification. In a collection central to our understanding ofExpand
Public Opinion and the Formation of Civic Character in Madison's Republican Theory
John Adams's complaints notwithstanding, no one of the American Founding generation has been so consistently misunderstood as James Madison. In recent decades a small handful of scholars have madeExpand
The Politics of Public Opinion
Throughout the 1790s, Madison worked to prevent measures that he believed were contrary to the sovereign authority of the people as expressed in the Constitution. He also sought to establish andExpand
The Commerce of Ideas
James Madison and the Spirit of Republican Self-Government: Madison and Jefferson: An Appeal to the People
In the first study that combines an in-depth examination of James Madison’s National Gazette essays of 1791–92 with a study of The Federalist, Colleen A. Sheehan traces the evolution of Madison’sExpand