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Physiology of the cambium and other secondary meristems of the shoot
Any cell which resumes meristematic activity after having attained a distinct degree of maturity is, strictly speaking, a secondary meristem. According to this definition, a multitude of structuresExpand
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Organisation und Ausgestaltung des Sprosses. — Organization and development of the shoot
In another chapter of this volume1 some of the more general aspects of morphogenesis at the shoot apical meristem have been considered. Here the aim is to examine what is meant by apicalExpand
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Sonneratiaceae (concluded). Sonneratiaceae and other mangrove-swamp families, anatomical structure and water relations
The question whether tidal and non-tidal members of a family have a separate wood anatomical structure would be examined best in such genera as embrace both types. The sequel to this examination,Expand
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Key to Lauraceous woods from Java
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