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Daily energy expenditure in free-living children: comparison of heart-rate monitoring with the doubly labeled water (2H2(18)O) method.
Total energy expenditure (TEE) was measured simultaneously in 36 free-living children aged 7, 9, 12, and 15 y over 10-15 d by the doubly labeled water (DLW) method and for 2-3 separate days byExpand
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Extreme gestational starvation ketoacidosis: case report and review of pathophysiology.
  • C. A. Mahoney
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  • American journal of kidney diseases : the…
  • 1 September 1992
A case of severe starvation ketoacidosis developing during pregnancy is presented. The insulinopenic/insulin-resistant state found during fasting in late gestation predisposes to ketosis.Expand
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Canine renal receptors for parathyroid hormone. Down-regulation in vivo by exogenous parathyroid hormone.
Chronic elevation of circulating parathyroid hormone (PTH) is associated with decreased target cell responsiveness to PTH. To study the subcellular mechanism of this phenomenon we evaluated PTHExpand
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Uremic encephalopathies: clinical, biochemical, and experimental features.
Patients with renal failure may manifest a variety of neurologic disorders. Patients with chronic renal failure who have not yet received dialytic therapy may develop a symptom complex progressingExpand
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Central and peripheral nervous system effects of chronic renal failure.
Although neurologic dysfunction is a major cause of disability in patients with chronic renal failure, there is little knowledge of the underlying metabolic defect(s). We used a canine model to studyExpand
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Uremic encephalopathy: role of brain energy metabolism.
Uremia is associated with decreased brain oxygen consumption in humans and with decreased brain energy consumption in rodent models of acute renal failure. We measured the levels of high-energyExpand
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Pathogenesis of dialysis encephalopathy.
Among patients with renal failure, there have been impressive modifications of both the duration and quality of life as a result of dialysis, renal transplantation, and improved medical management.Expand
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Ciliated cell remnants in peritoneal dialysis fluid.
Ciliocytophthoria are anucleate remnants of ciliated epithelial cells derived from the lower respiratory tract and female reproductive tract. We report a case of ciliocytophthoria found in theExpand
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Intrarenal pathways of calcitonin degradation.
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Protein catabolism in cultured kidney cells.
La regulation par les nutriments et les hormones, du catabolisme des proteines renales et les caracteristiques du turnover proteique sont etudiees sur des cultures de cellules renales d'opossum.Expand
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